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New for 2018, Johan Lundgren's newest recreation may be his finest yet! The Black Heaven combines the power, aggression and tight response of the legendary M6, but with more refined, organic character that  lends itself to more diverse tonal applications.

The Black Heaven® bridge model boasts crisp attack, meaty growl, and punchy lows accompanied by rich harmonics and excellent dynamics. There is plenty of power here, but with less compression and more of a wide frequency response. The Neck model is both articulate and juicy, so lead players will appreciate its depth and sonic complexity. Whether you're into modern down-tuned progressive metal, old school thrash, hard rock, punk or anything in between- the Black Heaven has you covered! Neck pickup AlNiCo. Bridge pickup Ceramic. BIG AlNiCo optional. Black adjustable poles.  Short legs, 4-lead cable for all switching options.  Available in 6,7 and 8 stringed versions. 6 stringed versions are available in open, black nickel cover or Drop-Top/Open Black nickel cover.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Black heaven? More like Black magic.

All the sound samples I found really sounded like just what I wanted but I was still a bit nervous. I have bad experience with ceramics by other manufacturers. They just sound too hot and one dimensional. It turns out I didn't have to worry because there's clearly some black magic at work in Jönköping. The Black Heavens of course sound fantastically clear and punchy in high gain but what surprised me is how versatile and sophisticated they sound clean. This is not just a metal pickup but they can also be made to sound both sweet and warm enough for anything else. I'm impressed and my favorite guitar is now perfect.

The pickup you have been looking for!

This pickup is great! It combines the complex midrange of an AlNiCo 5 magnet with the tight bass response and the cutting top end of a ceramic magnet. It is not as tight as the M6 but the sound is more complex, meaty and growly compared to the flatter sounding M6. I prefer the attack and response of the BlackHeaven Ceramic over the AlNiCo 5 pickup I used before. Great job Johan! As always the customer support is outstanding!

Ready sound "out of the box"!

The best pickups I have tried. I installed it on a Schecter Blackjack SLS C-1. Excellent equalization. Keep creating!

Richard Davies
Black Heaven Lives Up to Name

I just had a set of Black Heaven pickups installed on a Schecter Silver Mountain C-1 and I was blown away ... these pickups are incredible sounding and go perfectly with this guitar. I have owned several sets of other hand wound pickups in this price range and, in my opinion, the Lundgrens are vastly superior in tone, harmonics, touch sensitivity and, tying it all together, string separation even at massive gain levels. 7th and minor chords remain clear as a bell with gain maxed out through a MXR GT-OD pedal and then the amp's pre-amp. The only other pickups I still have which are comparable to these to are a set of Jim Wagners.

Strong, tight but still organic.

I play 90s prog Metal and riff based classic metal in a trio with only one guitar. For the prog thing I need a bridge HB that is tight and precise but at the same time not thin or can call it tightness in the highs if you want. On the other hand I need some natural and fat sound to sound big so I need some deep mids, controlled bass and enough cut overall. Black Heaven does that and fits great in my ESP Horizion 1 neck through with Floyd Rose and I would prefer it over a SD Black Winter and many other HBs. Well made...!!!