Grey Monterey®

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With its wide frequency range Grey Monterey® targets both the cleans and the wild things.

 Combining superior clarity, tight bottom and a wooden character in the mids Grey Monterey® meticulously captures the 67-69 tone. In the late '60s the world was a-changing and it all came together on the stage at Monterey when a young guitarist plugged his Stratocaster® into a plexi Marshall amp. AlNiCo 5 rod magnets with D and G raised at equal height in combination with the Plain enamel coated wire will deliver exceptional string separation. All the small details incorporated into this pickup makes it both tonally and visually time-true to a short period of the end of a decade.  Each handmade pickup is lacquered and dated with serial number on the GREY bottom. We punch-press the flatwork with our own tooling in-house. This gives the correct surface on the sides as well. Overkill? We don't think so. The vintage push back cloth wire is colored time typically correct- Yellow and Blue. As a matter of fact the same colors as the Swedish flag.   Calibrated sets with NON-reverse middle pickup. Bridge 5,9k / Middle 5,8k / Neck 5,7k. Optional- Add our Lundgren inductance base plate in our shop on the bridge pickup for a slight boost in that position. Cover, screws and rubber springs included. 

However the future is still unwritten- feel free to break new ground with the experience of Grey Monterey.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Anders Brewitz
This is it....

Mounted these pickups in a vintage 70's Fender strat with maple finger board, a 3,4kg and resonant piece of guitar for which I've been desperately searching pickups that support Hendrix-style playing in terms of sound and transparency. I chose not use the inductance plate.
The sound when I first played the guitar after I mounted just blew my mind, they are just perfect and truly bring that punch and transparency even with heavy fuzz in front the marshall as well as being really dynamic and sensitive with a smooth top end but still keeping the clarity.
They are just amazing and the best pickups I've tried for that Hendrix style of blues/rock, they really live up to their name :-)

Just fantastic!!!

My 67th strat has been given new life. These are the best pickups I've tried. Such a woody tone, string separation and dynamics! Absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended!

Bo Griphult
This is so fantastically great!

I bought this Grey Monterey set togheter with Lundgren inductance plate just for a project to see how far you could get with a simple basic guitar (A Squier Bullet Stratocaster). The result is astounding! The pickups is almost everything! These pickups will make any Stratocaster sound fantastic. The pickups make the individual strings to bloom out with almost no interference and the inductance plate is the topping of the cake!