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A classic stratsound -55 to -65.Think Stevie Ray or Shadows. Full bodied, yet crisp sound with a pleasent treble.

This is our most popular Stratmodel. Think Stevie Ray or Shadows. This pickup is wound with a doubleinsulated magnetwire. When we started in the beginning of the 90 s this stratpickup were one of the first models in our line. The insulation is called Formvar. This is the same wire that a big company used in the golden years 1954-1964. There is no better vintagepickup than this one. We punch-press the flatwork with our own tooling inhouse. This gives the correct surface on the sides as well. Overkill? We don't think so. The 3 pos.soundsample shows a 6 K Ohm version in all positions. The 5 position soundsample shows a calibrated set. In our calibrated set the neck and middlepickup is 6 K Ohm and the bridgepickup is ca 6,6 K Ohm. Avalible in calibrated sets. The bridge pickup is wound with more turns of copperwire to compansate for less stringmovement in the bridge position. This will make the bridge pickup sound fuller. A calibrated set will make it easier to use all three pickups. Cover, screws and rubber springs included. 

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