Modern Vintage Set

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This is the pickup we personally delivered to Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy. The pickup with its singing sustain work fine for both clean sounds, crunch and distortion. Imagine a powerful sound with good bass, treble, output and wide frequency response. Not unlike an old PAT No. pickup. From soft clean licks to boiling rock depending on other equipment used. Feel the sound of the crowd when you are on stage. The pickup gets its strength by a powerful AlNiCo 5 magnet. The pickup is wound with American Plain Enameltwire. We have used the finest nickel silver base plate for both good reliability and great sound reproduction. There is also the Lundgren logo stamped underneath. DC res. 8.3 K Ohm. Also available as matched neck pickup.



›› HB Vintage Bridge clean and dirty
›› HB Vintage Neck clean and dirty