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A warmer tweaked frequency response of a classic design with a contemporary feel. 
A pickup that has a powerful midrange and more output in millivolts than its sibling Heaven 57® . A good kick in the midrange but still a touch of vintage character.
We also here used the Plain Enamel wire but by a thinner quality to fit more wire. This increases the resistance . The pickup is powered by a really good magnetic quality Alnico 4. Long model 63.5 mm .
An impressive smoothness of reproduction to build your own soundscape. A slightly rounded treble makes it suitable in brighter instruments. Available as both bridge and neck pickup . Low ears. Spacing 50 mm or 52 mm. Bridge pickup measure 14.75 K Ohms. Sounds recorded with a Marshall 50W 1986 FROM 1969. Cab used is 4*12. Microphone SM- 57.



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